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Five Quater Sleeve V-Neck Tee

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¥14,630 JPY
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¥20,900 JPY
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¥14,630 JPY

  • V-Neck 
  • Five-quarter sleeve
  • Composition/ 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan

The most attractive point of this t-shirt is the thread.  It is a thread with fine and long fiber length and high oil and fat content; therefore, it's glossy and smooth.  Since it's woven by high gaged, the fabric has a strengthened composition and is also very soft at the same time.  The secret that does not fluff even after washing is that the fluff of cotton yarn is treated by an excellent process that does not use chemicals.  It's worth wearing them on!

Would you please choose carefully and check the detailed size for the perfect fit?

Size  (model 5'7'', 170cm)

M                                         L                                            

Bust/ 78cm                         Bust/82cm     

Waist/ 76cm                       Waist/82cm     

Length/ 63cm                     Length/63cm