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イタリア・ヴェローナで創設したMOORER(ムーレー)は Moreno Faccincani(モレノ・ファッチンカーニ)氏が家業のダウンジャケット製造業を受け継いだラグジュアリーアウターブランドです。
100% Made in Italy と細部まで気持ちの行き届いた職人による丁寧な縫製、揺るぎないダウンジャケットへの品質の追求、イタリア特注品のボタンやパーツを最高品質の素材と共に体感できるダウンウエアです。
・素晴らしい特性を持つ羽毛のグース。伊大統領令D.P.R.845/75及び省令D.M.10/11/1976の保健衛生管理法に従い、イタリア国内で厳密に殺菌洗浄されています。国際規格UNI EN 12934に格付けされています。
"Valuable down wear" by MOORER

Founded in Verona, Italy, MOORER is a luxury outerwear brand Moreno Faccincani inherited from the family down jacket manufacturing industry.

100% Made in Italy, carefully sewn by artisans with careful attention to detail, pursuing quality for unwavering down jackets and down wear. You can experience custom-made Italian buttons and parts with the highest quality materials.

MOORER's most devoted down quality

Origin / Type / Mixing Ratio

・ Siberia is the place of origin with the best characteristics in the harsh climate and promotes the development of feathers. It is durable, light, and elastic, has high insulation and breathability, and boasts the most high-quality fill power.

・Feather goose with excellent characteristics. It is rigorously sterilized and washed in Italy by Italy's Health and Sanitation Control Law Presidential Decree D.P.R.845 / 75 and Ministerial Ordinance D.M. It's rated according to the international standard UNI EN 12934, guaranteed to be the best down available on the market today.

・ An important mixing ratio for down quality confirmation. 95% down, 5% feather.

MOORER down is the ideal downwear.

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